How To Achieve Success In Life by Tunji Oyedokun

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#1 Discover what you love to do and what brings you joy when you do it:

Achieving success in life begins with determining what your strength and weaknesses are and then discovering what you love to do and what gives you joy when you engage in it. Greatness is easier to achieve if you engage in what you love to do. You will feel a sense of fulfillment and joy when you do what brings smile to your face. Many people engage in what they don’t love doing. They are doing what does not add value to them only in the name of trying to earn a living.

Christopher Morley said “there is only one success…to be able to spend your life in your own way.” If you are ever going to be your own boss and spend your life in your own way without anyone stressing you out, you should be ready to make use of your talents and gifts.

Do you know that education does not matter where talent operates? Your potential is better than your credential. Many potential CEOs are wasting away working as messengers because they fail to discover their talents and gifts. The earlier you discover what you have and start living out your dreams the better for you.

The greatest asset you have is your talent. Any skill you can make use of very well other than the one acquired through any education or training is your talent. Your talents could be singing, acting, doing sport, motivating, writing, playing musical instruments, creating business ideas, etc. Do you now know that your destiny lies in your hands? Will you be contended with peanuts your job gives you and allow your talents to fade off or stand on your feet not paying attention to the initial suffering and discover then start using your talents and gifts to achieve success? The choice is yours!

I have discovered and started using mine to motivate and inspire people. Will you do the same? Decide now! But before that, have in mind that you were created to live a successful life. Think about it! You deserve success!~Tunji Oyedokun


See failure as stepping stones to success:

One of the clear ways in which you can achieve success in life is to see failure as stepping stones to success. It is painful to fail, but it’s a crime not to have taken a step to succeed. So, whether you try to take a chance or are afraid to do so, you will be rewarded for your action.

Be informed that most people we regard as great today had in one way or the other failed in their journey to greatness. Infact, many failed their ways to success. It is said that anyone that is aspiring to achieve greatly must also be prepared to fail greatly. Do something, move around the world and show me a great man who hasn’t in his lifetime taken a decision that resulted in a failure in a bid to surpass himself.

Do you know? If you have not failed, it means you’ve not tried to succeed greatly. There is success and there is success, but great success is not easy to achieve. Are you ready to hear this and digest it? You must be prepared to fail in pursuit of living a meaningful and satisying life. So that when it happens, you won’t be bothered. Since failure teaches success, you must not be unhappy for that business, project, career, education, or relationship that failed to work out. At least, it has been recorded that you tried to fulfill your potential and live a meaningful life, You tried to live a life that defines your existence. You tried to surpass yourself!

Will you agree with me that for the fact that you’ve failed countless times in all areas of your life does not make you a failure? Do you know who a failure is? A failure is a person that has failed, but is not able to cash in on the experience. A person who is afraid to pursue his dreams, career, education or relationship after failing. A person who is shy to pick up the pieces of his/her life together after failing. A person who fails to see positive in every failure.
A person who fails to stand on his/her feet after failing and declare that IT IS POSSIBLE!

Now hear my words, I say be determined to fail your way to success. Be determined to do it right this time. What have you learnt from your blunder? Decide to utilise the experience gotten to climb the ladder to your greatness. Believe success is achievable despite your failure and keep working hard to live a satisfying life. Be positive and hopeful! Don’t quit trying. Be more creative and approach things in new dimension. Keep moving, you will get there. It is your right to live a successful life. You deserve success!~Tunji Oyedokun


Learn to hone your skills and develop your talent:

To achieve success in life, you need to develop what you’ve discovered as your talent. You need to always hone your skills and develop your talent to become a success you aspire to be.

You need to research well about great and successful people in order to be taught by their success stories, strategies, experience and challenges. Especially successful people with similar talent or gift.

You need to seek knowledge and also be aware that discovering your talent is not enough, you must work hard in developing yourself to the level where you see yourself as an achiever.

How do you develop your talent?

#1. Read books: To grow your talent more, you need to read books. I mean many books in different areas. Read books, journals, articles, biographies written by great men and women. Make use of internet to learn more.

#2. Listen to audios: To horn your skills and develop your talent, you need to listen to audios recorded by inspired minds. Apply their strategies and teachings to your daily life and you’ll grow more. Occupy your minds with stuffs that will inspire you. We have alot of inspirational and motivational audios on the internet. Download and listen to them. I bet, they will help.

#3. Watch Videos: As audios, inspirational and motivational videos are readily on internet for you to watch. Download and watch as many as you wish from inspired and great people and see yourself grow.

#4. Attend seminars and conferences: To sharpen the saw, you need to attend seminars and conferences organised by leaders in your field. You need to be ready to learn from them at all cost whether for free or for money. You must be determined to tap from their knowledge. The knowledge you tend to acquire from them cannot be bought with money. Seek wisdom!

Furthermore, to achieve success in life, you need to always practise and make perfect your talent. Opportunity can knock on your door anytime. It is always better to get prepared for opportunity to come than for opportunity to knock on your door and you are not ready.

Get ready to live out your purpose in life. Be determined to achieve success. Success comes to those who pursue their dreams passionately. Follow your dreams and I say success is sure because that is why you are here. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun


Surround yourself with positive people:

If you are ever going to live a satisfying, meaningful and successful life, the kind of people you surround yourself with plays an important role.

It is being said that you are who you surround yourself with. If you hang out with positive people, you’ll be a positive person and if you hang out with negative people, you’ll definitely see life from a negative angle.

Try to answer these questions, who is on your team? Who do you hang out with? Who are those you spend most of your time with? Are they people that build you up or the ones that pull you down? Birds of a feather flock together. Many friends don’t have anything good to offer. They are with you to only impact you negatively. If you keep friends that don’t add to you in any way, I bet they are not worthy to be called your friends.

Beware of toxic and negative relatives, friends or colleagues. Flee from them as fast as you can because they don’t deserve you. It is impossible for negative people to bring forth anything positive out of you. Negative people possess negative mindset. They see no reason to pursue their dreams because they already saw it as an impossible task even right before they started it. Possibility doesn’t exist in their dictionary. When you tell negative people about your dreams, they tell you only about the challenges in order to make you lose focus. They hardly see the goals.

For you to achieve success, you need to first imbibe a positive mindset yourself. You need to see possibilities in your dreams. Then surround yourself with positive people that believe in your dreams. People that build you up mentally, physically and spiritually. People that are ready to influence you positively. People that you learn from always. People that their advices you can’t joke with. People that make you believe success is achievable! Because that is why you are here. You deserve success.~Tunji Oyedokun

Learn to overcome your fear:

FEAR is one of the reasons most people don’t live up to their true potential in life. It is a dream killer.

To achieve success in life, you need to overcome your fear. But before overcoming it, you need to first have an idea of what the word fear means and also identify your kind of fear.

Fear could be defined as an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight).

Fear could also be termed as to be uneasy or apprehensive about something or be frightened of something.

Many dreams have been abandoned and shattered due to fear. Most people flee abandoning their dreams whenever they face challenges while some wait and fight to achieve success.

Two kinds of fear we experience:

• The natural fear we were born with like the fear of falling, dying, fire, height and so on.

• The fear we learn like the fear of failure when we are scared of failing; in our exams, in our chosen career or business, dreams and, so on and fear of success when we panic whenever we achieve great success.

Strategies to overcome fear:

DISCOVER YOURSELF– do a SWOT analysis of yourself to determine your Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat and, then DISCOVER what you love to do? What you can do? What your limits are? What scares you about your dreams? and what frightens you?

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF– after discovering what you love to do, you must start doing it and BELIEVE in your capability. This is not in the absence of fear. Ofcourse, there is this inner voice saying you can’t do it. But the believe you have in yourself and capability makes it possible to overcome the fear coming through. Also, be POSITIVE it is possible to achieve succces.

BE BOLD- being BOLD is a major tool if you are ever going to overcome your fear. You must be audacious when it comes to living a meaningful and satisfying life. You must be brave to take life on. Success is the child of audacity. You must be courageous to stand tall in the face of adversity. Many things will happen to make you succumb to fear or failure but the courage to keep moving forward will see you through to a successful end.

BE HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS- being hungry for success can also help in overcoming fear. Not that fear will not come to rob you of your greatness but the hunger and passion you have for success will keep driving you forward to do more. It will transform your fear into a force to keep pushing you till you achieve success.


your connection with God through prayer will also help you to overcome your fear. Pray to God as if everything depends on Him. Ask God for power and grace to live above fear. Commit everything in His holy hands and he will take you above your fears. Read His words always and claim His promises for your life and you will be bold to take up anything.

In conclusion, whatever your fear is I do not know but one thing I do know so well is that, your fear can stop you from pursuing your dreams only if you allow it.

Successful people in the world achieved success not in the absence of fear but were able to overcome their various fears. You too can achieve great success and live a satisfying life despite your fear. Do something! Put boldness into practise and success is sure. Because it is what you deserve. You deserve great success!~Tunji Oyedokun


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