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Icent Francis is a dynamic speaker and an inspirational writer living life on the ground of purpose, making people come true to their selves through preaching the message of hope, encouragement and personal development. I am a motivator, life coach and mentor.

Founder of I.P.P (In pursuit of purpose), a platform created to help guide people who are having a difficult time to discover their purpose for their lives. This allows people to easily discover their potentials and utilize their gifts and talents.
I.P.P supports and train everyone who is willing to learn how he or she can go about discovering their God given purpose. This can easily be done by equipping people with the right information to help discover their potentials and moving on to fulfilling purpose.


To empower people through motivation who will consciously develop themselves to make their lives worth living by discovering their potentials and fulfilling their purpose.


To add positive values to people, to leave people better than the way I met them. To encourage people and lead them to live a life grounded in purpose and contribution.


  • Kindness
  • Motivation
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect

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