2016 Best Article on Leadership

2016 Top Article on Leadership

Here is New Article by Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage on Leadership.

What is Leadership?
Leadership could simply be explained as the process by which a person influences others to achieve individual goal, group goals and objectives.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John Maxwell

What are the expected attributes of a true leader? Leadership attributes are multi dimensional. The attributes of true leaders include, initiative, innovation, discipline, passion patience, goal oriented, knowledge, skills values, ethics, beliefs, Confidence and time management.

Leadership Types:

There are various types of leaders. These include, charismatic leaders,transactional leaders and transformational leaders. People follow a charismatic leader because of his reputation other than from tested experience and tested capabilities or his belief on some issues. Transactional leadership are formed when a person takes the initiative in contacting others for the purpose of exchange of some values and beliefs in achieving identified purposes. The exchange may however be  psychological  economic, Social or political. However, transformational leadership occurs when individuals come together to raise their self esteem up through motivation and morality. Their fusion to achieve a common purpose. Read More: Be a Better Manager with These Tips

It must be emphasised here that true leaders are self motivated, they do not seek power but are driven by their passion to fulfill life purpose: a noble cause. True leaders are usually products of inspiration. Most nations of the world suffer true leadership which affects the inhabitants of such nations negatively bringing about low standard of living, unemployment and inflation. It must be emphasised emphasised that true leadership is becoming increasingly difficult to find as there are issues of non accountability, non trustworthiness, non transparency in the discharge of leadership responsibilities.

Leadership Styles:

Leadership styles may be authoritarian, participative and laissez-faire. One must understand that there is no leadership style that could be be referred to as the best. Situations however determine the appropriate style to adopt.

Causes of Leadership Failure

Causes of Leadership Failure:

Most leaders fail as a result of some of the following:

  • Emphasis on title instead of knowledge and expertise or experience.
  • Instilling fears instead of encouraging performance.
  • Disloyalty which results to disrespect.
  • Lack of initiative to create new things or ideas.
  • Expectation to pay for what leader knows not what he does.
  • Inability to perform effectively.
  • Fear of competition from others.

Achieving Effective Leadership Role:

To achieve effective leadership role, image Management, relational develop and resource deployment have been found to be desirable in achieving leadership responsibilities. Leaders must cultivate the habit of reading. Leaders are readers. We need to understand that for one to record outstanding success individually or in an organisation, leadership style is an essential ingredient. Leaders that are readers are embodiment of good decision making.

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